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Greetings Starfighters! You have been recruited by the Star League to defend the Frontier against Xur and the Kodan Armada…

Wait… wrong greeting…

HI! My name is Mike Paul and I am beginning my third year in education. I currently teach 6th & 7th grade mathematics at Bardstown Middle School in Bardstown, KY. Since 2015, I have taught in a 1:1 computer classroom that incorporates a variety of educational technology tools for students, including Google Apps for Education.

This year, I am also the Instructional Technology Coordinator for Bardstown City Schools. I am responsible for assisting teachers with integrating technology in their classroom to impact student achievement. As part of this work, I am piloting a teacher mentorship/innovation program called BCS Sparks – Igniting Sparks of Innovation to Empower Future Leaders.

My favorite education quote isn’t really about education specifically but I feel it applies to the work we do in education. Everything in my life comes back to something from The Lord of the Rings, a Dave Matthews Band song, or a quote from Steve Jobs. So, my favorite education quote is,

We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here? – Steve Jobs

I believe as teachers we have a mandate and a divine appointment to affect change in as many lives as we possibly can and, to do so, must work harder and reach further than any other profession in the world. We have to use every tool available to us to reach as many kids as possible and show them the potential they have inside and how they can change their own little piece of the world.

I’ve had the honor of conducting numerous professional development sessions for my district during my first year of teaching. I assisted in the rollout of four Chromebook carts at BMS and I am a district advisor on social media and Google Apps for Education. I present regularly at educational technology conferences in and around Kentucky, including:

I received a BS in Middle Grades Mathematics from WKU in December 2014. In February of 2015, I began teaching Algebra I at LaRue County High School. In June of 2015, I was hired at Bardstown Middle School, where I had completed my Student Teaching. I also currently serve on my school’s SBDM council.

I am a Google for Education Certified Innovator and attended the Google Innovation Academy in Toronto, Ontario in October 2016 (#GoogleEI #TOR16). I’m also a Level 2 Google Certified Educator, co-founder of Edcamp Kentucky, and am serving on the Oversight Committee for Computer Science Standards for the State of Kentucky.

My edtech blog, Pike Mall Tech, has been visited by over 100,000 people in over 100 countries and is currently #194 in the top education blogs in the world according to I am active in many channels on social media with over 11,000 followers on Twitter. I host the monthly #KyEdChat on Twitter on Thursday nights at 8PM.

As a result of my work in the Google Certified Innovator program, I am starting a non-profit company, RogueEDU, to offer professional development opportunities to schools and districts that are interested in revolutionizing their school culture, technology integration, and instituting a start-up mentality. We will offer teachers the chance to conduct their own sessions and share their expertise and leadership in ways not available to many schools in Kentucky and the United States.

I live in Louisville, KY with Amanda, my wife and best friend, and our daughter, Lainey. When I’mmike paul not teaching, I enjoy all things geek. My classroom is filled with posters, paintings, and figures of Iron Man. I have read The Lord of Rings at least 10 times and know more about games, comic books, and geek culture than any person should. I’m a Ravenclaw, Wizard of the First Order, a poster child for the Capricorns of the world and the textbook definition of the INTJ Meyers-Briggs Personality. I use far too many memes and Bitmojis in my classroom work and in my presentations. I like pina coladas but care nothing for getting caught in the rain. I once attended bible college to be a music minister and was, at one time, a computer science major with a podcast featured in the iTunes podcast directory.

I’ve been a state marching band champion and performed music for crowds in excess of 15,000, been on international television broadcasts and been in arenas with thousands of people. But, of all the things I’ve done, I’ve never found more joy and fulfillment than the work I’ve done since deciding I would go back to school and become a teacher in 2012. I live an incredibly blessed life and couldn’t be happier taking this trip on the Pale Blue Dot we call home.

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  1. Tyler Crane

    Hi Mike!

    It seems that you have some pretty elevated technology experience and skills! I am working on becoming more versed with many of the technology based systems that are available and related to the classroom, but I have a ays to go.

    Like you, I am definitely a geek. My class is covered in Star Wars and Marvel posters and I love incorporating geek culture into my teaching. I even host a comic book club at my school which is a blast!

    Looking foward to working with you this semester!


  2. Jeremy Shultz

    Well o’l buddy… I guess I’ll comment on your page. Other blog pages do not seem to have the comments options enabled. Here’s to another semester and teaching alongside one of the Greats. You are so lucky you get to do that…

    • Mike Paul

      It has been and continues to be my honor to lock arms with you and fight the forces of evil and mediocrity.

  3. Kelsey Hartline

    Your website is amazing! It looks like you really know what you’re doing with tech. I’m excited to work with you and probably learn tons from you this semester!

  4. Mike Paul

    Sharonda Holmes left this comment:

    All I can say is WOW! Your students must love you. Your site is amazing, and I loved the Snapchat video. You helped me see the sky is the limit.


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