No matter what you may hear in the buzz of the Internet right now, blogging is definitely not dead. If you have any desire at all to grow a business or brand yourself in the online world, you still need a blog. Your blog is your home base on the Internet and it's controlled by one person and one person only: YOU. In this post, I'm going to talk to you about why you need to start your own blog even when you may feel like you've missed the boat.

Why You Need to Start Your Own Blog – Reason #1 – You Are a Business, Man

I'm not a businessman, I'm a business, man! – Jay-Z

Whether you want to admit it or not, if you are interested in sharing your ideas online in any way, shape, or form, you're now a business. The sooner you can come to grips with that, the sooner you will start to understand what it means and how you need to start thinking about yourself.

You, yourself, are a business. Your ideas, your plans, your aspirations, are a business. Businesses provide services to people. They fulfill needs. People go to businesses when they have a problem and need a solution.

Now, the problem you are trying to solve is likely much different than the problem I'm trying to solve. And that's ok. It's how things are supposed to work.

You are an expert at something. And if you're not, you can easily become an expert at something by investing in that topic, learning everything you can about it, and then teaching it to others. (Totally stole that line from Ray Higdon)

You have value in your knowledge. Your knowledge is going to help someone. And, in some way, shape or form, when you exchange that knowledge with someone else, you're going to receive something in return. It's how the world works unless you're one of those people that believes that everything should just be free because we should all just want to give each other everything.

Sorry, honey. I got bills to pay.

My point is this: you are a business. You should have a place where you can build your business, no matter what it may be. There are all different types of businesses and they are established in all manner of formats. RIght now, the online world is still really early on in the maturity cycle. What better time to stake out your own personal real estate than right now?

Your blog is that real estate. It's your online home. It's where people can go to find out more about you. To know what you think. To see how you can help them.

And when you focus on helping people with your blog, the world will knock down your door with a success train that will carry you to new horizons and new destinations you might not have ever known about.

It's time to start your blog.

Why You Need to Start Your Own Blog – Reason #2 – Control Your Own Destiny

Yes, you need to use social media. Yes, you should be making videos. Yes, you should be recording audio. You should be taking advantage of every platform imaginable to make your dent in the universe.

But, above all else, you need someplace to call your own. No matter how successful social sites have been over the years, they have all eventually failed or reduced in relevance. One day, something is going to come along and lay waste to Facebook just like Facebook did with MySpace.

One day, we'll all upload videos to something other than YouTube.

But one day, you can have your own home online that all your efforts flow through. That's your blog.

It's time to start your blog.

Why You Need to Start Your Own Blog – Reason #3 – Someone is Waiting for YOU

There's a reason you started reading this blog post today. You were looking for an answer. You either searched the Internet or saw this post on someone's social media and thought, “I need to go check that out.”

You have a message that someone needs to hear. You have information and knowledge that someone, likely many someones, will find valuable.

If you are an expert at something (and you are), you are obligated to share that knowledge with others. If you don't, you're incredibly selfish.

Listen, I'm not saying you shouldn't be compensated for your knowledge (I never would) but you do have a responsibility to share that knowledge with others.

The best place for you to start doing that is by starting your own blog.

How to Start Your Blog

The first step you need to complete this blogging journey is to purchase your own hosting account. Don't mess around with the free blog platforms. They'll just end up being a pain and you're going to switch to a better platform soon anyway.

Start the right way by getting a host that was built for blogs, has built-in security and will help you keep your blog up to date. Head on over to WPEngine and sign up for hosting today. They host all my sites and they do a fantastic job.

When you get your hosting, email me and I'll help you get your blog up and running. I have the knowledge you need and I'm here to help you.

Let's get your blog started today.

Be awesome,