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LME 537 Technology Projects

TS Module 4 – Digital Storytelling

What software program did you use to create this digital story?

I used iMovie on my Macbook Air to create this project.

How does this digital story relate to your IDP authentic topic?

This story introduces the concept of creating a fast food menu that shows students how much exercise they would need to do to burn off the calories they eat from fast food. It ties in with the after school exercise program that is the focus of the IDP.

How could you use this project in your IDP?

I would use it to help students understand the importance of exercise and get them excited about creating the menus to get more people exercising.

How could your students use digital storytelling?

They could create their own stories of people that have struggled with weight and overcome to live a healthy lifestyle, perhaps even someone they know.

APA References for all information including pictures that were used in the digital story.