How do you become a successful blogger? It's not that difficult but it does require several steps to get there. In fact, there are several keys to blogging success that I'll share with you in today's video.

Here are the 5 keys to blogging success:

Keys to Blogging Success – Consistency

Your main job as a blogger is to create new content on a daily basis. If you can't do that, then you're really going to take the long road to blogging success. It's not that you can't get there, it's just going to take you a really long time.

Consistency is key. Small moves compounded over time will add up to huge payoffs. Think about someone that is trying to get fit. They don't start out ripped and lean. They have to work at it. They have to work a little bit every day.

The same is true with your blog. If you commit to creating content every day, you will see results in traffic, income, and influence.

Keys to Blogging Success – Choose Your Market

Whatever you want to blog about, make sure you are consistent with your message and your market. Don't skip around from subject to subject on y0ur blog. Don't go wide, go deep in your market. Solve problems. Answer questions.

Serve people in your chosen market. You'll build a library of resources that they can come back to over and over again.

And, if you create great content, they'll share it with others and you'll have new fans and customers to serve.

Keys to Blogging Success – Write for Readers but Don't Forget SEO

I tell people that “Google is how people will find your blog but your writing will keep them there.”

It's true, your writing has to be written for people, not computers. If it's written for computers, no one will stick around. But you also don't have to write like a paper for college writing class.

Write like you're having a conversation. But make sure that your writing is focused around keywords that you can rank for in the search engines.

Especially when you're starting out, no one will know that your blog is there. Unless you're able to start ranking for keywords in your market.

Spend some time using a tool like Long Tail Pro to find keywords that you can rank for in your market. Write posts around those keywords. If you've got the funds, run some campaigns for backlinks with The HOTH (those guys are great!).

Stay focused and keep creating with intent. It will pay off.

Keys to Blogging Success – Build Your List

I wish I'd done this part sooner. From day one, start building your email list. You'll need a couple of things to do this but it's worth the time you'll spend getting it set up.

First, you'll need an autoresponder service like Aweber. I've used them for years and they work really, really well. They'll store your email database and allow you to mail your subscribers any time you like. (HINT: send an email to your list every time you publish a new post.)

Second, you'll need a way to capture emails from your visitors. There's nothing better for this than Online Sales Pro. It's so simple to use and they offer incredible training on how to use the system and how to build your list quickly.

They've got a 14-day trial when you visit here so check that out today.

Give your visitors something in return for their email address. A free PDF report, a video, and audio recording, a checklist, a cheat sheet, something of value that they'll really want to add to their library. Capture their email, send the freebie, and then market to them in the future.

Keys to Blogging Success – Don't Quit

Yes, you're going to have to work hard. Yes, the process is easy but it requires work. Yes, you're not going to have any traffic for the first 90 days of your blog.

Yes, it will all be worth it if you don't quit. You are building an asset for your future. It will take time. What you accomplish today will bring results 90 days from now, not tomorrow. Stick with it.

Don't. Quit.

Next Steps for Your Online Success

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