It's a problem many bloggers face at every experience level. You want to know how to write engaging blog posts. You take time to write a post, you check off all the boxes on your SEO checklist, you make a great graphic, you write a catchy headline, and then…


Not a blasted thing.

Nobody shares your post. Nobody comments. Heck, not very many people even see your post.

You share your post on Twitter, on Facebook, on Instagram, basically, anywhere that will let you share a link to your stuff, you slap that puppy up there.

But you don't get any engagement. You tried your best but no one noticed.

How does this happen? Can it be fixed? Is it worth fixing?

Let's talk about how you can increase the engagement on your blog posts…

How to Write Engaging Blog Posts – Be More Consistent

One of my biggest personal goals is to be more consistent with my blogging. I admit it, I'm the world's worst at this.

The simple truth is this: If you want people to frequent your blog, you've got to create content regularly. And on a schedule.

Am I going to tell you that you need to write a blog post every day? No.

But I will tell you that if you do, you're going to significantly increase your chances of people finding your content and reading your articles.

Content creation should be your major focus in your online business. The most recognized, most profitable online businesses today are creating content on multiple platforms EVERY DAY.

That extends beyond blogging. Of course, you want articles on your site. But you also need to take advantage of social media, video, audio, and anything else you can do to get your content out there.

And it's not just about using the exact same piece of content in multiple places. Each platform is a little different and you'll need to master them all or be willing to outsource that work to someone else (which will deliver your results faster).

I know what you're saying right now. You're telling yourself (and me) that your writing is terrible, you sound horrible on a microphone, and you are afraid of being in a video.

My words to you: get over yourself.

Stop overthinking it. Get on the content creation train and create great stuff.

Everybody sucked when they started. No one was watching Gary Vaynerchuk in 2006. No one outside the auto industry knew who Grant Cardone was in 2006. Lewis Howes' first podcast was terrible.

My first blog post was awful. Yours will be, too. The sooner you write the second one, the third, the fourth, and more, the better you'll be.

And the more raving fans you'll get over time.

How to Write Engaging Blog Posts – Write Better Titles

Getting people to read your blog posts is all about presenting them with information that they are interested in reading. One of the best ways to get their attention is by writing great titles for your blog posts.

Let's face facts about headlines and article titles, shall we?

Go to any bookstore or the magazine section at your local grocery store. Or look around the next time you're in the checkout line at the store.

What do you see?

Magazines and more with outlandish, ridiculous, and maybe even fake headlines.

And there are at least one of those magazines you want to buy. Why do you think they put them there and why do you think they write the titles like they do?

It's all marketing and that's exactly what you're doing every time you write a blog post.

Even if you're not selling something (which is exactly what you're doing even if you're not making any money) you are marketing something with your blog post.

At least, you should be.

Why would you go to all the trouble of writing this great article and providing huge value to your market if you didn't want them to do something in return, even if it's just to share your post on Facebook or Twitter?

Your blog title (or headline if you want to call it that) is the first taste your readers get of your content. It has to be something that gets their attention and makes them want to learn more.

Most of your blog visits will come strictly from writing catchy titles. Get in the habit of writing multiple versions for every blog post and perhaps even trying different titles and seeing which one gets the most traffic.

Here's a guide from Blog Tyrant to help you get started writing better titles:

how to write blog post titles

How to Write Engaging Blog Posts – Use a Call to Action

Every post you write should have a goal. If you're just producing content for content's sake, you're wasting your time.

As I said earlier, whether you realize it or not (or whether you want to admit it or not), you're selling something with every blog post you write.

Every post should have a focus and a specific outcome you want your readers to take. This outcome is a “call to action” and every one of your blog posts should have one.

The simplest version of this call to action is to simply ask your readers to share the post on Facebook or Twitter. All you have to do is, near the end of your blog post, simply write something like,

“If you enjoyed this post or gained something from it, I'd appreciate it if you shared the post with others on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or anywhere else you'd like to share it.”

Simple, right?

Now, I'm going recommend that you do more than that with your posts, of course. As you build your online presence, you'll have products you'll recommend, programs you are involved with, or your own services that you are selling.

The whole purpose of writing blog posts is to get more eyes in front of whatever it is you're selling. Anyone that tells you any different is missing the entire point of blogging.

No one cares about your ideas. They care about solving their problems and they think you might have a solution for something. That's why they came to your blog post in the first place.

Provide solutions to your readers in whatever form they may take. When you do that and you tell them exactly how to get those solutions, they will thank you for it, they will come back for more, and they'll tell other people about you.

And that's how you get more engagement on your blog.

Next Steps for You to Take Now

Obviously, you're interested in blogging and building an online business. You've seen the potential that exists in showing off your expertise to the world.

You have something valuable that needs to be shared with others. You need to learn how to leverage the Internet to build a platform for yourself to reach others and provide solutions that will change their lives.

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Be awesome,