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If you need to submit documents electronically and you own an iPhone, you’re in pretty decent shape. I’ve got an easy way you can submit papers by scanning them with your iPhone. One of the ways to do that is to scan documents with iPhone Notes.

Every student, and adult, will have an opportunity to send paper documents electronically. For students, as more technology tools roll out and are used by teachers, electronic submission of documents will become more and more common.

But, how do you scan documents with iPhone Notes? It’s not to complicated, as you’ll see in this short video.

Yes, this process should work for either an iPhone or an iPad using the Notes app. And, if you use iCloud, you can sync your notes between devices, including to your Mac .

Some folks have claimed that for documents with lots of pages, this process doesn’t work well. I haven’t tried it myself for anything more than a few pages so you may run into that issue. Be aware.

If you find this useful, feel free to share with someone who may need it.