Have you ever gotten to the point in your life that you just feel completely overwhelmed? You can't remember what you were supposed to be doing because you were thinking about all the things you had to get done and all the things that you should have already gotten done but didn't?

That can describe my life over the past several months. I've been buried under the weight of a new career and dove into waters that were way above my head.

But that's what high achievers do. We take on far too much and push ourselves to the limits.

That's where great things happen. The limits of human thought. Just about the time we think we've gone too far we are exposed to a world far larger than we dreamed and we learn that we've just begun our journey.

That's when our passion is reignited.

My passion has recently been reignited. I put this blog on hold for most of the last 18 months. I had to bring it back from the dead, including fighting through some horrible malware attacks and even a Google blacklisting.

But it's back and I'm back, better than ever.

I've pushed myself beyond the limits I thought were possible. At the end of my limits, I found renewal.

I learned that I was more than able to accomplish what I set forth to do. And I learned there is so much more opportunity out there.

Your passion is waiting for you to embrace it and run with it.

Don't let your dreams die. Ignite your passion and see what happens.

More to come soon,