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The post below is designed as a one-page policy briefing, focusing on the #GoOpen Initiative launched by the federal Office of Educational Technology in late 2015.

Michael W. Paul, Jr.
(270) 505 4815


The introduction of the Go Open Initiative in 2015 provided a path for school districts to use openly licensed, high-quality instructional materials freely. To date, 20 states have adopted the #GoOpen initiative and are moving to the use of freely accessible, easily updated, universally available curriculum for their students. Kentucky should join the #GoOpen Initiative and create a repository for teachers in every zip code to access.


  • The average high school textbook costs $70 with students needing as many as 7 textbooks.
  • Textbooks are often outdated years before they are replaced.
  • Students in low-income areas do not have access to current textbooks and often use books that are in physical disrepair and contain dated information.


In 2015, the Office of Educational Technology launched the #GoOpen initiative. #GoOpen encourages states and school districts to use openly licensed materials for curriculum. These materials are, in most cases, produced digitally and are accessible to most Internet-connected devices.


With the passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) in 2015, the federal government authorized $1.65 billion annually to support the effective use of technology in schools. By using #GoOpen resources for curriculum, schools could focus monies previously used for textbooks, along with federal funding through ESSA, to move toward 1-to-1 environments for students and faculty.


The Kentucky Department of Education should adopt a statewide policy to use #GoOpen resources, develop a repository for openly licensed resources, and encourage the participation among other #GoOpen states.


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