class dojo introduces groups

Class Dojo Gathers Up the Points and Adds Group Functionality

Oh, Class Dojo, how do I love thee. Let me count the ways… However, I will count the ways after I put them in groups! Because I can do that now! Class Dojo, the epic positive behavior reinforcement app, has just added an exciting new feature that will be especially useful to me as I…

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How to Use Periscope for Education

The Beginner’s Guide to Using Periscope for Education

Periscope, Twitter’s live video streaming app, is taking the education world by storm.  Since its debut in early 2015, teachers and administrators are trying to figure out how to use Periscope for education and not just as a way for students to stream silly human tricks on live video to their friends. Before we can…

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Social Media Resource Roundup

The Epic Social Media & Schools Resource Roundup

I get the chance to speak about social media and schools fairly often so I decided that I would start collecting links to great resources I find and publish them all in one blog post. I can then reference them as I speak, plus I can add to the list quickly when I need to…

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Get a ChargeTech Portable AC Outlet for $199 (That’s 39% off!)

Yes, yes, I know. You’ve already got a portable charger for your phone and your tablet. And it probably serves you very well. . But… There’s a problem with most of those chargers on the market. They don’t have an AC outlet for charging “big” stuff. Like your laptop. Or something else you might need in…

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10 digital tools for teaching

10 Digital Tools Every Teacher Should Learn How to Use Over the Summer

You’ve reached the time of year that EVERY teacher dreams of from the first day of school: summer break. Now, as you pack your bags and head for that beach vacation and some quality “you” time… Don’t forget that another school year is quickly approaching. Yes, you should take some time off, but you should…

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