10 digital tools for teaching

10 Digital Tools Every Teacher Should Learn How to Use Over the Summer

You’ve reached the time of year that EVERY teacher dreams of from the first day of school: summer break. Now, as you pack your bags and head for that beach vacation and some quality “you” time… Don’t forget that another school year is quickly approaching. Yes, you should take some time off, but you should…

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iOS 9 compatibility chart

iOS 9: Every device that will survive the upgrade

Apple has not been known historically for supporting older versions of their devices. Far too often, Apple devices suffer from what we all lovingly refer to as “planned obsolescence” and users are forced to buy new devices. For instance, I have a 21″ sitting on the desk next to me that works just fine. It…

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This Robot Laser Makes Your Etch-A-Sketch Skills Completely Useless

You know that guy that you went to school with that could make those crazy designs with his Etch-A-Sketch? Do me a favor, run over to his house right now and show him this video. It’s wicked cool up until around 1:38 and then, things go to another level. The robot is the LightGuide V5…

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Jott is the Latest App Your Students Will Be Using to Talk With Each Other While You’re Teaching

In the never-ending battle for your students attention, the mobile device reigns supreme. Let’s face it, no matter what we do as teachers to try and engage our students, if they have a smartphone in hand, that’s where their eyes will be. Unless, of course, we’re actually using those devices for something constructive and monitoring…

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os x el capitan

What Excites Me About OS X El Capitan (And What Doesn’t)

In a marathon event, Apple announced many new and updated software bits at their World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC). The interwebs were all abuzz at the first announcement from the stage: the newest version of OS X called El Capitan. Now, from the looks of things, you would have believed that just the mere naming…

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